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Construction Accidents

Cleveland Crane Accident Lawyers
Ohio Construction Accident Attorneys

Cranes are absolutely critical for the success of many construction projects, but they must be operated with care. Crane accidents can be devastating. Causes can include an operator or flag man whose visibility is impaired or who is simply not following manufacturers' instructions by lifting something heavier than the crane can handle. Accidents can be caused by failure to properly maintain cranes and crane cable, or by using improper clips to lift certain objects. Equipment malfunction can also cause serious crane accidents.


At the law firm of Caravona & Berg, our lawyers have the experience necessary to find out what caused the accident and to pursue full and fair compensation for you.


While injuries caused by crane accidents may be covered by workers' compensation, which we can handle, we will thoroughly review your case to determine other options to maximize your financial recovery. You may also be entitled to a personal injury claim, depending on the details of your case and who caused the crane accident.


The Challenges of Crane Accident Cases

Crane accident cases, as well as other types of construction accident cases, can become very challenging quickly. There may be five or more companies involved in the case, starting with your employer. The general contractor most likely will also play a role, and the crane operator may be employed by a separate company. We will investigate and determine what party or parties are responsible. We will take action against them.Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Cleveland crane accident attorney so we can learn about your accident case and offer you guidance on your next steps.

Free Consultations About Pursuing Fair Compensation



E-mail us at or call us at (216) 696-6500 to discuss your work accident case with an experienced attorney serving Cleveland and the entire state of Ohio. We handle all crane accident cases on a contingency basis. That means you pay nothing unless we get results.

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