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Motorcycle Accidents


If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need justice. Call Caranova & Berg lawyers who recognize the obstacles you face. At Caranova & Berg we hold careless car drivers and large insurance companies accountable. We think your riding freedom is worth it.


The top priority of our attorneys is helping average Ohio citizens protect their rights and get their lives back on track. We spare no expense to find the facts and get our clients the compensation they deserve.


Our lawyers take exception to the negligent acts that lead to motorcyclist injuries. Just because riders choose an alternative to enclosed, multi-axle vehicles does not mean they don’t enjoy the same rights as other drivers. Our Ohio motorcycle injury attorneys will do everything possible to help you receive the compensation to which you are entitled so you may rehabilitate and ride again.


Our motorcycle accident injury lawyers are available to provide no-obligation, no-cost motorcycle accident consultation. back to top

Ohio’s roads can be deadly


Today’s motorcycle riders are more aware of the dangers inherent in driving than any motorist. Cars are getting bigger and more powerful every day and they are being loaded with distractions like DVD players, navigation systems, stereos and even Internet. All of these developments contribute to making motorcycle riding an increasingly dangerous way to motor.

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