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Verdicits & Settlements

Construction Accidents

$2.7 Million Settlement for a City custodial worker who suffered severe crush injuries to his leg, pelvis and internal organs when he was struck by an industrial front-loader and pinned against his truck. This settlement does not include lifelong medical and lost wage benefits.

$237,500 Settlement - Stage hand worker injured his head, neck and back when he fell from a stage during its construction. The owner of the production created and allowed the dangerous condition leading to the fall by failing to provide safe and adequate lighting.


Product Liability

$5.5 Million recovered for a Summit County, Ohio man for negligence claims against an international pharmaceutical company. The company failed to reasonably market a pain medication and disclose potentially severe adverse reactions. As a result, the victim suffered liver failure and permanent damage. The drug was subsequently taken off the market.



$5 Million recovered for a family that suffered two deaths and injuries to a minor child after a semi tractor trailer driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into their car. Claims were successful against an interstate trucking company, national logistics provider and truck driver placement agency.


$1.2 Million recovered on behalf of the Estate of a truck driver killed when his truck rolled over after being struck by a negligent driver.


$250,000 Settlement - Commercial truck driver sustained soft tissue injury to his neck and back requiring extensive physical therapy, as well as steroid injections and significant lost wages.

$750,000 settlement to elderly motorist who sustained serious neck and back injuries after being struck by a company commercial truck. The defendant tried to allege that the victim was partially at fault, but forensic evidence established otherwise.


$118,000.00.00 settlement for a 45 year old women who suffered a significant hand injury when the negligence of a truck driver caused motor vehicle crash at a residential intersection.  



Train Accidents

$2.7 Million Verdict in favor of a pedestrian who was struck by a Greater Regional Transit Authority train after falling from a passenger platform.


$985,000.00 - Settlement under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) for a railroad worker killed on the job.


Workplace Injury & Premises Liability

Multi-Million Dollar - confidential settlement for the family of a man who suffered fatal workplace injuries at a construction site.


Confidential Settlement - Over $1 million dollars in benefits and compensation was recovered for a shipping and receiving clerk who was injured after suffering a fractured pelvis, as well as severe bladder damage.


$925,000 + personal injury settlement for a stage hand worker who sustained a severe fall accident caused by a defective and negligently installed safety clip. Additionally, the victim’s medical bills were covered by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

$850,000.00 settlement of an employer intentional tort claim for a laborer killed by asphyxiation after his clothing became entangled in a conveyer belt while operating a machine.


$400,000.00 global recovery for a machine press operator of Cleveland, Ohio who suffered an amputation injury after a machine press inadvertently cycled on his hand. The employer permitted the machine to be operated in violation of OSHA and state law. Following the recovery, the victim continued to receive vocational rehabilitation through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.


$300,00.00 settlement for a machine press operator who sustained an amputation injury. Installation company and victim’s employer recklessly allowed for the machine to be operated without proper safety devices.


Workers’ Compensation Verdict - resulting in over $250,000 + in medical benefits and lost wages recovered for a supermarket employee who sustained significant back injuries when attempting to carry crates of frozen seafood for a national grocery chain.


$237,500 settlement - Stage hand worker injured his head, neck and back when he fell from a stage during its construction.  The owner of the production created the dangerous condition leading to the fall by failing to provide adequate lighting.


$150,000.00 settlement for a 50 year old delivery driver who suffered a significant knee injury in a fall accident caused by the land owners’ defective and neglected exterior cement stairs.




Automobile & Motorcycle Accidents
$6.5 Million Verdict in favor of a 28 year-old motorcycle operator who suffered multiple skull fractures and facial fractures resulting in brain injuries due to the negligence of the Ohio Department of Transportation in not adequately securing a roadway construction zone. At the time, the verdict led to the largest single recovery for an injured victim in the history of the Ohio Court of Claims.


$1.2 Million settlement for a motorcycle accident in which a 30 year old individual who was struck by an automobile in South Euclid, Ohio.



Confidential Wrongful Death Settlement for the family of a 36-year old who was killed by restaurant employee that was driving drunk.

$560,000.00 settlement to a young couple for injuries sustained when a motorist pulled out of a driveway into their path.

$550,000 settlement to an advertising executive who suffered a significant leg injury following a car accident.


$500,000.00 settlement for a 45 year old Lorain County, Ohio motorcycle operator who suffered a closed head injury in addition to injuries to his pelvis, forearm and tibia because a negligent driver pulled out of a private drive into his path. The case involved settlements with the at-fault driver and all polies of under-insured motorist (UIM) coverage.

$325,000.00 settlement for pain and suffering, in addition to over $200,000.00 in medical bills being paid for a graduate school student injured in an automobile crash. Initially, the insurance company for the at fault driver withheld the fact that there was excess insurance coverage in addition to its standard limits of liability.


$270,000.00 settlement on the first day of trial for a woman who suffered back and neck injuries in a disputed liability crash.

$250,000.00 settlement - Commercial truck driver sustained soft tissue injury to his neck and back requiring extensive physical therapy and steroid injections as well as significant wage loss.

$187,600 Settlement - Hospital technician, age 47, sustained a fracture to her non-dominant wrist, as well as nerve injury to her forearm in a motor vehicle accident.


$175,000 Settlement - A 46-year old Cleveland resident on social security disability suffered a leg and arm fracture in a motor vehicle crash. The insurance company for the at-fault driver tried to blame the crash on our client, but after our thorough discovery was conducted, a settlement was reached.


$126,000.00 Verdict for an elderly couple injured in a head-on automobile accident causing injuries to their chest and knees, as well as aggravating pre-existing arthritis.

$100,000.00 settlement for a Medina County resident who sustained neck, back and leg injuries when injured on a site-seeing train ride accident in West Virginia.


$100,000.00 recovery for a business consultant who was struck from behind while attempting to turn into her driveway. Victim sustained dental injury, head injury and an aggravation to her pre-existing back conditions.


$100,000.00 recovery for a women involved in an intersection crash. The victim required orthopedic surgery to her knee and an additional surgery for damages to her ulnar nerve.

$100,000.00 settlement for a 41 year old computer systems analyst who was injured while riding his motorcycle due to a negligent driver. Client suffered significant road rash and a hematoma to his leg requiring extensive physical therapy and blood thinning medications in addition to missing extensive time and wages from his work.

$100,000.00 settlement for 53 year old Lorain County motorcycle operator who was injured when a negligent driver turned left in front of his path. Client suffered a broken ankle, road rash and a concussion, in addition to missing significant time and wages from his job.

$92,500.00 Settlement for a 48 year old Geauga County resident who suffered a shoulder injury required surgery, rehabilitation and lost time from work – all as a result of a multi-vehicle crash. The defendant was a commercial van driver and we were able to settle the case without filing a suit.


$90,000.00 verdict for a Medina County nurse who suffered neck and shoulder injury in an intersection crash in Brunswick, Ohio. For two years following the crash, the defendant denied being at fault.

$90,000.00 Settlement for a 23 year old who suffered torn ligaments in his knee that required surgery and extensive, painful physical therapy, following a car crash.


Medical Malpractice

Multi-Million Dollar confidential malpractice and wrongful death settlement of a young man who died as a result of a hospital's failure to timely diagnose a life-threatening condition.

Multi-Million Dollar confidential malpractice and wrongful death settlement of a child not properly monitored during a routine outpatient procedure.

$2 Million - recovered for a 38 year old Cuyahoga County resident who suffered partial brain damage when his cribriform plate was penetrated by a laser during sinus surgery.


$1.4 Million settlement for a 32 year old mother who suffered a severe stroke as a result of her doctors not timely diagnosing a circulatory disorder that restricts blood flow to the brain.


$1,050,000.00 medical malpractice settlement. Birthing injury claim against doctor and hospital facility for brain injury caused by lack of oxygen to baby’s brain during delivery.

$1,000,000.00 verdict against hospital facility for the negligence of its nursing staff in failing to properly administer IV medication.

$950,000.00 settlement with HMO for surgical errors causing long term nerve injury to 60 year old carpenter.

$950,000.00 recovered against a national HMO for the surgical errors of its orthopedic surgeon during a laminectomy procedure. Injuries consisted of bladder damage and erectile dysfunction as well as increased stenosis to his leg. Client is a retired carpenter of Lake County, Ohio.

$875,000.00 settlement in the wrongful death claim of a minor child for the alleged failure of a long term care facility to properly monitor the child.


$350,000.00 settlement on behalf of a 37 year-old hospital patient who suffered scarring and nerve damage to his arm following complications starting his IV. The patient was neglected for several hours after a vein was punctured resulting in the development of compartment syndrome.


$300,000.00 settlement for a 60 year-old Sandusky County, Ohio resident who developed a significant bed sore (pressure ulcer) during rehabilitation following surgery. 

$190,000.00 settlement - Hospital technician, age 47, sustained a fracture to her non-dominant wrist as well as ulnar nerve injury in a motor vehicle accident.

Confidential Settlement - on behalf of the Estate of a nursing home resident who died following a fall accident. The infirm resident was permitted to wander unattended. Due to an altered mental status, the resident became confused, suffered a severe fall and unfortunately died during her rehabilitation.



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